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We have now settled in Blowing Rock, NC having been in Fayetteville, North Carolina since 1988 with Mark practicing plastic & reconstructive surgery there. We also have a 1850’s cabin retreat just north of Chapel Hill. Mark retired at the end of 2012 after 25+ years of private practice. Mark is co-founder/President/CEO of Dermasensa Laboratories, Inc.,  a start-up cosmeceutical skin care brand focused on domestic sales and exporting USA product to Asia (China, Thailand & soon Philippines). We continue with global medical missions. We have three children now all over the world which makes for a busy schedule for all. Will is living in Shanghai, China having graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill Phi Beta Kappa in 2009 & married to Mengjie Zhou in May 2014 with their newborn, Anna Josephine, born November 14, 2018! Victoria is a graduate at UNC Chapel Hill in the School of Healthcare Education. She married Colin Campbell in July 2012 & now living in Charlotte, North Carolina where they are raising our 1st grandchild, 2 year old Ellie June and a newborn, Emily Claire, born October 1, 2018. Colin has been working for AAA Carolinas since November 2018. Shelby graduated May 2016 at UNC Chapel Hill in pre-Physical Therapy studies with a major in Exercise & Sports Science and a double minor in Religion. She took a gap-year & has finished her 1st of a 3 year PhD Physical Therapy program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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  1. Audan Parks says:

    I hope your family is well. I hope to see you guys sometime in the next few months. My wife and I had a baby, he’s 10 months. We are going a little adventure ourselves in January to Egypt. I’ll let you know how it goes. Love and blessings to you!!!

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