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Back to the Future

Greetings from Shanghai, China! It’s strangely odd that we are living 12 hours in the future compared to our life on the east coast of North Carolina in the US. After a full day of life experiences, one is just waking up across the big ponds of earth. And some say, China is the future, an irony that is overwhelming with the incredible sights, sounds and smells over here. At the World Expo Shanghai 2010, we visited the GM Pavilion projecting 20 years into the future in a 4-D presentation! It’s the stuff of science fiction with the technology here today, just waiting for the future to implement it.
Shanghai is an incredible city of 22 million people, and not even the largest city in China!??!  There are over 100 cities here with a population over 1 Million!?!! To put that in perspective, New York city is a metropolis of only 8 million people!?!
So there you have it. I’ll meet you in the future, or 12 hours from now for us to synchronize our perceived time here on earth!!?!