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This is the home page for Dr. Mark Miller and his family. We hope you enjoy seeing our family pictures  and descriptions of our adventurous  trips. We have moved up to Blowing Rock, North Carolina full-time. I have retired from private practice, but busy with Dermasensa (a start-up cosmeceutical company including exports to China), Coolsculpting lectures, missions & family.  We were  in Fayetteville, NC for 25+ years from 1988, although I was born and raised there. We love to travel and go on medical mission trips all over the world. Mark has provided disaster medical relief in Nepal, Iraq, & for Hurricane Katrina. Mark has been to AFRICA (Botswana, Kenya, Zambia x 2, Zimbabwee, Lesotho, South Africa, Egypt), ASIA (Philippines & China) CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA (Honduras, Peru x 3, Belieze, Ecuador, Costa Rica x 2) and MIDDLE EAST (Iraq’03,  also spending some time in Iran, Israel, Jordan & Syria in the 1970′s). He regularly provides medical support for high school seniors on mission trips worldwide.  Carpe diem! mark, beth, will & jo, victoria & colin, shelby

Nepal Medical Disaster Relief Updates Kathmandu

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Day 4 Nepal Medical Disaster Relief, Kathmandu

Today, our CBN Humanitarian & Disaster Relief Team was deployed west of Kathmandu running a medical clinic in the village of Sitapaila. I saw 65 patients today while working beside doctors from Indonesia & Israel who were seeing similar numbers. Our 2nd medical team was placed in another village. We drove by medical base camp setups in Kathmandu from multiple countries including Japan & China (Incredible coming together of nations)! Of course, another 4+ magnitude earthquake took place early this morning! Although knowing they come daily, it still does not diminish these quivers’ psychological impact on me & the Nepalese people.
Tomorrow, our CBN International team ventures further east out to the far reaches of the Kavrepalanchok District towards Mt. Everest. I have not seen the mountain yet due to cloudy weather conditions and smog conditions in and around Kathmandu. We will set up our tent/tarp camp, cook by the campfire like the people we will be serving and run medical relief clinics from there before returning mid-week to base camp in Lalitpur just south of Kathmandu. We will be taking a revolutionary Air Mobile Rescuer water purification unit producing 25 gallons/hour of pure water and eventually dropping them off to the unreached disaster areas.
So you will not hear from me for a few days during this outreach. Your thoughts & prayers for safety & healing are always welcome & appreciated by all of the international volunteers assisting in this massive relief effort (especially me)! Reporting on the ground in Nepal, markDr. Mark SurgeryHead Deformity BabyThanks for PrayerFallen BuildingSitapailaHouse FlattenedHouse destructionCows in road

Day 3 NEPAL Disaster Medical Relief, Kathmandu

I received my medical disaster response team identity card this morning from the Nepal Ministry of Health and was in the field within hours. We were deployed east of Kathmandu in the Kavrepalanchowk district village of Bonepa running a medical clinic. Of course, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake took place this afternoon with its epicenter in that very Kavrepalanchowk district while we were there! These are very disturbing quivers that go beyond the feeling one receives when the Fort Bragg military guns rattle your windows back home!?! Over 160 aftershocks above four Richter scale so far have been recorded in Nepal since the major 7.9 earthquake on April 25. We have already seen how this repetitive daily action takes it’s toll on the morale and psyche of the Nepalese, who desperately want to move forward. The quake & it’s aftermath have affected 8 million physically & all of Nepal’s 28 million people pyschologically now with over 7,700 deaths.

At 2 weeks out, there are still unreached areas, shelter is wanting and physical & psychological rehabilitation has begun. The United Nations estimates that at least 3 million need tents, water, food and medicines over the next three months. Over 1/2 million houses have been damaged or destroyed. This process will take years after this initial humanitarian & disaster relief effort in progress.

I continue to be emotionally impacted by this devastation thrust upon an already poverty stricken people. I also appreciate all of the support and encouragement from each of you all around the world. On the ground in Nepal (after daily 4+ magnitude aftershocks!?!), m2mdSunil & me Loading equipmentBhaktapur Earthquake SiteBhaktapur Earthquake Site ChildBanepa RoadEye Patient 2Prayer patient

Translator HelpRinged nose patient

Day 2 Kathmandu, NEPAL Disaster Relief

I sit here typing hearing the roosters crow and dogs barking in the streets as I realize, last night, I woke up to a four+ magnitude earthquake officially recorded which was felt at 2.19 am last night with Sindhupalchowk epicenter near Kathmandu! It was almost like someone was grabbing me while asleep. I set up in a panic not knowing what had happened, didn’t even acknowledge what it later was confirmed to be, and went back to sleep. Today others commented that their beds shook waking them up!? And I am staying on the 4th floor of my building! It now is a little bit un-nerving.
I went to church this AM at Sundar Dhaka, the church ministering to ex-lepers, paraplegics, widows, & the sick and poverty stricken, in fellowship for 2 and 1/2 hours…hugging and ministering to these outcasts. They are even more in need due to the earthquake impact.
I am realizing more & more with daily confirmations that this is where I need to be, both in my life & theirs. On the ground in Nepal (after the 4+ magnitude aftershock last night!?!), m2mdFood DistributionFood for the NeedyVan to churchBuilding Bricks

Day 1 Kathmandu, Nepal

I just landed in Kathmandu, Nepal 9 hours ago into a whirlwind of activity! Jason, your were right about the landing!?! I have met with the Operation Blessing International/CBN team including Israeli/Indian/Malaysian docs, as well as teams from Italy and Samaritan’s Purse, Mass General Hospital Boston, Nebraska, & Indiana from the States. I am currently based at the Theological College pictured here until govt. passes & assignments are made. While there is destruction in Kathmandu, most of the devastation is in the countryside villages/towns. On the ground in Nepal (thankfully), m2mdNepal Mapntc

Nepal Disaster Relief Medical Mission

I have been invited by CBN International (Christian Broadcasting Network of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club)/Operation Blessing to provide disaster relief medical support in Nepal. I will be leaving shortly, being based initially out of Kathmandu and then into the earthquake stricken villages near the epicenter. I will be working with the Nepalese docs as well as several Israeli MD’s in this global effort. Outside Kathmandu, we will be living in tents, cooking our meals around the campfire with no electricity, just like the Nepalese villagers are doing now.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for safety for my team & relief for the people of Nepal (over 7000 have died). I will try to send updates when available via Facebook & this website, although I understand communication is difficult. Carpe diem! m2md

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi

— m2mdNepal Earthquake Death Toll May 2015

Table Mountain Climb CapeTown, Boulder Beach Penguins, Cape Point southern tip, Safari in South Africa






Botswana FCS Mission Feb 22-March 6, 2015





In Botswana this morning in the wild since leaving US Feb 22nd! Check #fcs Botswana on Facebook until I can start posting. Still in Africa! Carpe diem, mark & Beth

Miller Annual Letter

January 2015

Greetings from The Mark Miller Family!

The whirlwind of 2014…

It was an action packed year for the Millers in 2014. Beth & I began with the Walt Disneyworld Half-Marathon last January and completed the Coast to Coast challenge in September by running the Disneyland Half-Marathon in California with David Newman & his daughter, Hannah. We went to the Andes Mountains of Peru with the Senior Class of Fayetteville Christian School in February/March and are leaving next month on this year’s 2015 mission to Botswana, Africa with the bushman tribes.

And then there was the BIG celebration of the year in May/June…our son, Will, married his lovely bride, Jo Mengjie, in Shanghai, China!!!!!! They later came to North Carolina in October/November for a stateside reception, button picture of our family at the NC State Fair, & to attend the Society of the Cincinnati event in Washington DC. Will has now been in China for 5 years opening restaurants and honing his mandarin Chinese skills. They currently live in Beijing but plan on moving back to Shanghai this spring.

Victoria & Colin Campbell’s BIG celebrations of the year included their 2nd wedding anniversary last July 7th, Colin graduating from Liberty Law School in Lynchburg, VA in May & passing the NC Bar in July, adding a black Labrador puppy, Roosevelt, and their moving to Montgomery, Alabama in August! He is clerking for a Supreme Court Justice and she is substitute teaching 5th grade at Montgomery Academy and also at pre-schools. They plan to stay in Montgomery in 2015.

Shelby is now a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill making us a complete Tar Heel Carolina family from top to bottom. She loves it and is thriving. She is now a Pi Beta Phi, works part-time as a college intern at Chapel Hill Bible Church and even got her Scuba diving certification last summer. She turned 21 years old in November and we celebrated at the Angus Barn with friends & family. She is on track for an eventual 3-year doctorate program to become a physical therapist like her mother… and another Dr. Miller!!! And she also is a double major in religion.

Retirement seems to have made us busier than ever. We are now full-timers living in our home in Blowing Rock, NC. I still give Coolsculpting lectures nationally, run stateside Dermasensa, the US cosmeceutical skin care company exporting anti-acne & anti-aging regimens to mainland China, now in stores throughout China and airing on China QVC this Spring ( and am still on the Board of Trustees at Methodist University. We joined FaithBridge United Methodist Church, where Beth is on the Board of the Casting Bread Food Pantry. Beth is involved in Bible Study Fellowship and completed the Master Gardener program following in the footsteps of her dad. We brought in the New Year with the NewMillermans annual celebration. We will be updating our “” blog as well as our website (

Toby, our snow-white Maltese and our barn cat, Comet still rule the roost this past year. We still have horse, Patrick, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. We sold George to a nice Amish family to be used to pull their carriage.

May you all have a blessed 2015 and let our paths cross again soon! Carpe Annum 2015,

Mark, Beth, Will & Jo Miller, Victoria & Colin Campbell & Shelby
Mark: Beth:
873 Dogwood Lane, P.O.Box 101, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 Telephone: 828-295-4050