Carpe Diem!

This is the home page for Dr. Mark Miller and his family. We hope you enjoy seeing our family pictures  and descriptions of our adventurous  trips. We have moved up to Blowing Rock, North Carolina full-time. I have retired from private practice, but busy with Dermasensa (a start-up cosmeceutical company including exports to China), missions & family.  We were  in Fayetteville, NC for 25+ years from 1988, although I was born and raised there. We love to travel and go on medical mission trips all over the world. Mark has provided disaster medical relief in Ecuador, Nepal, Iraq, & for Hurricane Katrina. Mark has been to AFRICA (Swaziland, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia x 2, Zimbabwee, Lesotho, South Africa, Egypt), ASIA (Philippines & China) CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA (Honduras, Peru x 3, Belieze, Ecuador, Costa Rica x 2) and MIDDLE EAST (Iraq’03,  also spending some time in Iran, Israel, Jordan & Syria in the 1970′s). He regularly provides medical support for high school seniors on mission trips worldwide.  Carpe diem! mark, beth, will & jo, victoria & colin & ellie, shelby

Christmas 2016 Millers/Campbells

Great to have the entire extended family home for the holidays!

Thanks, Thomas at TJ’s RV for going the extra mile for us!

Thomas at TJ’s Quality RV in Concord, NC provides indoor storage for motorhomes! We are grateful that Thomas can keep our new rig, “Thumper Jr.” who’s mascot is seen in the window, warm for the winter! Our voyage continues…


Thumper, Jr RV Motorhome, 3,120 Miles, 9 Days, California to NC, October 2016

We did it…flew to LA, got Thumper, Jr, our RV Motorhome, & journeyed back to NC via the southern route! Stops included Lake Mead at Hoover Dam in Nevada, Sedona & Casa Grande in Arizona, El Paso & San Antonio in Texas and New Orleans in Louisiana. We covered 10 states, 3,120 miles in 9 days in late October…whew!

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” –Douglas Adams

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang


Tom Lindstrom, you are about to make our RV Dreams Come True!


Tom Lindstom, a Renaissance Man, provides quality motorhomes in Moorpark, CA. We know as here we are about to start our RV adventures again with our new rig, “Thumper Jr.” who’s mascot is seen in the window! Thanks Tom and to your super team, Scooter, Mike & Coach!! Our 1st RV 10,000 mile 2 month journey took place with “Thumper.” “Thumper, Jr.” now continues the voyage…

We are blessed to introduce our next generation and 1st grandchild, Ellie June Campbell, born September 25, 2016 in Charlotte, NC!

img_3982img_3936Version 2Version 2

Hawai’i Family Reunion, August 2016

millercampbell-hawaii-reunion-16Version 2img_3442img_3525

Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Medical Relief Samaritan’s Purse

Spent two weeks in Chone, Ecuador near the epicenter of the earthquake with Samaritan’s Purse’s Disaster Assistance Medical Relief Team (DART) in their Emergency Field Hospital. SP is literally saving lives…physically, mentally, & spiritually!  I performed my first appendectomy as primary surgeon in 33 years! Only 2,727 miles from home! My new DART nickname…”Hawkeye” from the “MASH” TV series! How inspiring to see where those Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes end up going! It was a privilege to help pass them out to hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of children during Dia del niño (Day of the Child Festival) in Ecuador!!! And very moving to see the so excited & happy faces as they received them!
SP EFH Ecuador 2016SP EFH OR Ecuador 2016SP Field Hospital EcuadorSP M2MD Ecuador AppendectomySP Mark Miller EcuadorSP Mash Mileage PostSP ShoeboxesIMG_1809

Shelby Miller UNC Graduation Chapel Hill, NC, May 2016

Shelby Miller UNC Graduation '16Shelby Miller UNC Graduation Family '16IMG_1224DSC08933

Swaziland, Africa FCS Mission Feb 29-March 15, 2015



DSC08813Home, Sweet Home!

DisneyWorld Half-Marathon Extended Miller/Campbell Family

Disney Half-Marathon 2016 Millers:Campbells  2016